Our Principles


Our Honesty​

Newbie Technologies is providing honesty and end-to-end service to a number of warehouses and sectors. Since day one, we’ve been praised for our dedication. Newbie’s lighting services look after your lighting so you may focus on your business. Newbie embraces modern production techniques and advanced lighting technology, especially in this period, thanks to an amazing staff of in-house engineers. Newbie Technology puts a lot of money into product development and cutting-edge electronic projects in order to provide real lighting solutions with style.

Newbie’s environmental practices and social responsibility exemplify the protective goal of sustainability for future generations. Our success in developing environmentally friendly, energy-saving lighting is tremendous. Given the success of our objective to steer product development toward the delivery of a sustainable lighting fixture, we’re now focusing our efforts on improving the recyclability of every aspect of our products, including not just the fixture but also the packaging.


Our Passion


Our Strength​

We can count on top-notch human resources to provide expertise, competences, creativity, and intelligence. The end result is the most advanced technology, the most user-friendly interface, the most energy-efficient LED lighting, and the most cost-effective business model. Newbie Technologies is the greatest way to meet the ever-increasing demand for our LED lighting products, technology, and expertise. This has resulted in significant expansion.

Everyone who is looking for lights will find something here. Whether you’re on a budget or have very specific requirements, you can be confident that we’ll have the right light fitting for you. Lighting from Newbie Technology is specifically designed to satisfy market demands, delivering brighter solutions for a more energy-efficient future. By delivering great service and unsurpassed quality, we hope to become the world’s most trusted LED lighting supplier.


Our Goal


Quality Work

Newbie Technology improves public and workplace environments. Our lighting products, systems, and services provide a distinct quality of light to our customers, making their lives safer and more comfortable, businesses and cities more energy efficient, productive, and livable, and the globe more sustainable.