Led Solar Street Light

Solar energy is increasingly being used to illuminate streets and other public spaces. It has established itself as a dependable source of street lighting all over the world. Energy conservation, the utilization of a traditional source of electricity, and less reliance on the national grid are all advantages of solar-powered street lights fixtures. Tropical places that receive lots of sunlight for most of the year may benefit from this type of light.

Today’s outdoor solar lighting solutions are powered by a built-in battery, PV panels, sophisticated sensors, and LED lights, all of which are contained in a single small box. This sort of lighting has grown into a cost-effective and ecologically friendly method of illuminating public places and streets.

As cost-effective as solar led lights for street light, combining them with LEDs creates a super-saving combination. LED lights are noted for their long life, lack of maintenance, and energy efficiency. These  LED solar panel street lights specifications are ideal for lighting up streets, parks, and other areas.

Solar solutions are more efficient and adaptable with all-in-one streetlights. Along with the street light, the large solar photovoltaic (PV) panel and lead-acid battery box are no longer attached to the poles.

This solar streetlight integrates all of the components, including the solar PV panel, charge controller, driver, and battery, into one single unit. It appears to be ultra-sleek and fashionable, making it ideal for any urban setting.

Technical Features

  • Input : 90-300V AC

  • PF > 0.95

  • THD < 10%

  • Surge Protection > 10KV

  • Over Voltage Protection

  • IP66

  • Industrial Grade

  • 70% Energy Saving

  • Highly Efficient

  • Long Lasting up to 10 Years

  • No UV/IR Radiation

  • Mercury Free

  • No Hazardous Material

  • Minimal Heat Emission

  • Excellent Color Quality

  • Highly Reliable

  • BIS Certified

  • ISO Certified

  • Bridgelux LED Chip

  • Extra Bright LED

  • 140 Lumens / Watt

  • High Power LED Chip

LED Solar Street Lights

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Newbie Technology Pvt. Ltd. introduces a solar LED street light kit that includes cutting-edge technology and delivers high-quality illumination for your outside space. The solution uses the power of the sun to help you save money on your electricity costs!! Newbie has successfully deployed solar street light solutions at business campuses and other locations with a complete solution.


We build your dream house. Contact us for detailed information.

The NBT Solar Led Street Light is a novel solar street light technology. The solar panel, LED bulb, Lithium battery, and charging controller are all merged into one body with the all-in-one design. There will be no need for wire or excavating battery holes underground with this technology. It will be simple to set up.


Furthermore, NBT Solar Street Light has implemented the most up-to-date intelligent lighting system. When compared to typical solar street light manufacturers, it can be considerably easier to install and move, have a far longer lifespan than traditional lead-acid street lights, and cost less to maintain.


Solar Streetlights has gone through a number of changes. Every technological breakthrough has improved the efficiency and dependability of these lighting. Newbie Technology Pvt. Ltd. continues this evolution with its current series of streetlights, which are built for the country’s modern infrastructure.

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